When Beers, Ad Ops, & Ad Tech first launched in May 2018, a decision was made that the series would never have vendor sponsors and would always be unbranded in order to not support any one company. Why? The answer is simple.

There’s no way to validate every vendor’s product or service who asks to sponsor and company sponsorship provides the community with public validation when it might not be deserved. While there are plenty of great ad tech solutions on the market, many of whom have offered to sponsor these events, there are just as many questionable vendors who have offered to sponsor as well.

As a result, our position is as follows:

If your company has built a product that works well and provides a solution to a publisher or advertiser's problem, your clients and partners will happily speak positively of it at these events. And if you as a vendor truly believe you’ve built a great product, attending these events regularly and in person will do much more for your business in the long run than a short sales pitch, branding, and having "presented by XYZ company” at the end of our event name.

If you’re a publisher and would like to sponsor an event, let’s chat. Shoot us a note.

Still interested providing support to BA&A? Consider giving a donation as an individual or corporation.