Launched in June 2018, New York City was the first location of the Beers, Ad Ops, & Ad Tech event series. Its high concentration of some of the United States’ most prominent publishers and broadcasters, ad agencies, and ad technology companies makes it an exciting epicenter of all of the industries - and an even more exciting monthly meetup.

Join this monthly meetup and we'll get together after work to discuss everything from programmatic deals, to convergent TV, to header bidding, to DMPs, and other hot button topics. This isn't a meetup where you sit through a sales pitch for an hour (nobody likes that). It's for people who simply want to grab a drink, grow their network, teach each other about how they're managing their ad operations, and to learn about the latest tends in the advertising world.

Who attends These events?

  1. Ad Ops and Ad Sales Folks - If you manage an ad stack and yield for a publisher, broadcaster, or game studio or you're out there pitching advertisers on a direct deal for your inventory, then this meetup is right up your alley

  2. Ad Tech - If you work for an SSP, DSP, a measurement or verification company, or you're working on the latest piece of ad tech, then come on down!

  3. Agencies and Advertisers - It's important to understand both sides of the business! So if you work for an ad agency and want to better understand how publishers think, then you should give this meetup a try.

  4. Newbies - Interested in learning more about ad ops or ad tech? We'd love to have you and we'd happy to show you the ropes!

Ready to attend our next meetup?

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